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We should have plenty of water for the year in Utah. Rain and hail storm in Utah 6.13.2016

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GoPro Hero4 Outlaw Zip Line Sundance, Utah Ziptour, 3871 Feet Zip Line Length, We did the full Bearclaw package which consists of nearly 2 miles of zip line which took about 2 total hours to complete.

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Ice Fishing Strawberry Reservoir, Utah after midnight 1.15.2016

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Road to Hana in Hawaii video taken in September of 2015 driving through the rain.

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Video was taken back in September 2015 of the beautiful views from Mount Haleakala in Maui. The day was gorgeous with minimal clouds so the view could be seen for miles. I highly recommend going to go see Haleakala if you are ever in Maui.

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Fishing Trip in Maui, Hawaii on the Strike Zone. I would like to thank the crew of Strike Zone for doing such an amazing job, great crew, great boat, and a great fishing experience.

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